Treatment: reconfigure stitches into new design

Problem addressed: lack of visual appeal or personal connection

Ideal fabric type: stocking stitch (plain knit), of any weight

stitch-hack-animation-master-smallWHAT DOES IT INVOLVE?

First, plan a design. Open a row of your fabric to the width of the planned motif and hold the stitches safe. Expose the first stitch and ladder it, then reform the stitches into knits and purls. Repeat to form the design. Finally, graft the fabric closed.

WHAT COULD IT LOOK LIKE?sampler-smaller

Structural designs made of knit and purl stitches; option to create double or triple gauge stitches.

The grafted row can contrast or tone in, depending on yarn choice.

Here are some finished projects (click images for more information):

s-h-4_0  sh1d  stitchhack-small

For inspiration, see more stitch-hacked pieces here


Step 1: open part row

Step 2: ladder and reform

Step 3: graft




  • Practise the techniques on some scrap fabric first
  • Chunkier knits are easier to work with than fine gauge fabrics, but designs will be more ‘pixelated’
  • Compact, fairly rectangular designs work best
  • Single columns of purl stitches tend to disappear, so beef up vertical lines in your design
  • You can ladder either up or down in plain stocking stitch fabric
  • Buy latch tools from eBay – search for ‘latch tool’ or ‘micro braid tool’
  • Print generic knit graph paper here, or create paper to your exact gauge here

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