Reknit Revolution is a project by designer, maker and researcher Amy Twigger Holroyd.

The project seeks to promote reknitting: the reworking of existing knitted items using knit-based skills, techniques and knowledge.

The reknit processes draw on instructions and examples from the past but also inventively respond to the items in our wardrobes today. Whether handmade or mass-produced, the knitted structure is inherently ‘tinkerable’: able to be unravelled, reworked and dynamically transformed in countless ways. From this perspective, every knitted garment is ripe for reconfiguration and every stitch a unit of possibility.

Remaking is relatively well-known in terms of sewn garments, with a range of books and online resources providing information and inspiration. Reworking knitwear is much less common. Although this practice used to be an integral part of knitting activity, knitters today generally focus on making new items.

Reknitting offers a satisfying creative challenge and the opportunity to reduce the enormous amounts of textile waste being generated every year. By unpicking shop-bought items and reworking them to meet our needs, we also challenge the expectations at the heart of the consumerist fashion system.