Spread the word

Can you help to spread the word about Reknit Revolution?

The aim is simple: to get knitters all over the world to embrace reknitting, alongside making new, as part of their regular knitting practice.

To help, could you:

  1. use the reknit instructions to have a go for yourself, and tell your knitting friends about what you’re up to?
  2. share your projects online, using the hashtag #reknitrevolution?
  3. print out the pdf version of the reknit spectrum and take it along to your local knitting group?
  4. organise a workshop to try out a set of the reknit instructions as a group?
  5. display the spectrum at a local event – perhaps a repair cafe or clothes swap? Get in touch to receive the pdf at A1 or A0 scale. (Or, if you’re organising a major event, the large-scale spectrum, which formed the centrepiece of the Units of Possibility exhibition, is available for loan.)

You might even want to create a pattern or instructions that build upon this material, which would be wonderful! Because everything here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, you are free to copy, distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon it, for non-commercial or commercial purposes. All you need to do is credit Amy Twigger Holroyd / #reknitrevolution and use the same Creative Commons license for your new work.

Thank you!