Up close

Check out the treatments shown on the reknit spectrum in more detail:


COPY replicate a favoured item

COPY pair full size


SWISS DARN decorate or reinforce fabric using duplicate stitches

SWISS DARN pair full size


EMBELLISH create integrally joined trim or patch pocket

EMBELLISH pair full size


ADD ELEMENTS sew on knit or crochet motif

ADD ELEMENT pair full size


STITCH HACK reconfigure stitches to insert structural design

STITCH-HACK pair full size


INSERT POCKET create slit and insert hidden pocket

INSERT POCKET pair full size


REPLACE CUFF remove existing cuff or hem and replace

REPLACE CUFF pair full size


ALTER SECTION insert, replace or remove section of garment

ALTER SECTION pair full size


REKNIT entirely or partially unravel garment and reuse yarn

REKNIT pair full size


REINVENT remove section of garment and use in new way

REINVENT pair full size


INSERT PANEL insert vertical panel, gusset or godet to seam or opening

INSERT PANEL pair full size


CARDIGANISE cut open garment vertically or diagonally and add trim

CARDIGANISE pair full size