Tricia’s Coventry City hat

This brilliant reknit project was created by Tricia, one of the participants in the workshops which preceded the Units of Possibility exhibition in 2017.

art knitters-22 Tricia hat
Photograph by Jamie Grey at Rugby Art Gallery & Museum

My husband is a keen Coventry City supporter. His favourite hat is one he bought from a market in London 40 years ago. Half way through the last season he announced that he would be no longer wearing it as he was worried it was falling apart.

So I quizzed him on what his likes and dislikes about the hat and decided it should be an easy item to copy. He liked the colour and feel of the hat but said it had become a little baggy and could do with being a bit bigger to cover his ears.

Looking at it closely it is just a rectangle sewn into a bag with the points drawn together at the top. The body is fisherman’s rib and plain rib at the crown.

I decided to remake it using Double Pointed Needles as he likes to pull it on without looking and the seam is never at the back. The wool is cheap acrylic DK.

I counted the number of stitches in the original hat and adjusted the number so it was divisible by six, as Amy said this was the number of decrease places I’d need for the crown. As I started knitting on the Double Pointed Needles I discovered you can only use half fisherman’s rib otherwise it doesn’t grow. But I found that this looks quite similar to the original.

I’m quite pleased with the finished hat and more importantly so is Ian.

Tricia hat

Want to have a go? Look out for guidance on the copy treatment coming soon, and in the meantime take a look at other projects in the gallery for inspiration.

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