Stitch hack: St Michael – 12 – 40

Today’s addition to the reknitting project gallery is one of my earliest stitch-hacked pieces.

St Michael back detail largeSt Michael front detail medSt Michael - 12 - 40

All of the information hacked into this cardigan was taken from the labels inside the garment. The text includes the St Michael logo (St Michael being the old ‘own brand’ of high street stalwart Marks & Spencer), its country of manufacture (UK), the garment size (12/40), colour (gold) and two code numbers.

My hacking intervention celebrates, and painstakingly brings to the surface, traces of the garment’s story. It makes me wonder: who made this piece, and when? How many were made? The questions, along with the act of physical intervention, create a strong connection between me and this otherwise unremarkable cardigan.

Want to have a go? Check out the stitch hack instructions page for detailed step-by-step guidance, or take a look at other stitch hack projects in the gallery for inspiration.

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