Helen N’s cardiganise project

Today’s addition to the reknitting project gallery is a fantastic project created by Helen, one of the participants in the reknitting workshops which preceded the Units of Possibility exhibition in 2017.

before …
… and after!

The original jumper came down to my knees. I didn’t like the neckline and wanted to make it into a cardigan.


I took off a section from the bottom and also the turtle neck. It was quite slow going unravelling the wool.


I then stitched 2 lines close together up the centre of the jumper, then cut between the lines. I then tacked in a contrasting colour the line I wanted to follow for the neck.


I decided to do my collar and button bands in moss stitch after making samples to see which needle size would work best.


After picking up the same number of stitches with the wrong side facing me I worked 4 rows in stocking stitch. Then holding the 2 needles parallel I knitted through both needles to seal the sandwich.


To make the collar, I had chosen to grade up a collar that I had found on a child’s knitting pattern, using moss stitch to give texture. I used short rows to form the shaping. I then did exactly the same on the other side reversing the shaping. So then I needed to join the back neck seam.

After completing the collar, button and buttonhole band in moss stitch, I picked up stitches along the bottom edge and continued working in moss stitch for the bottom panel. I completed the collar and bands before the bottom edge because I didn’t know how far the retrieved wool would go. I think it blends in quite well.

I was quite pleased with the cardigan but, having cut the fabric of the jumper that it was, I found the structure of the garment to be more loose and floppy than I would like. So I decided to try to put some shaping in.


On the inside of each front, using a crochet hook I crocheted chain stitch for 2 rows, the bottom row being slightly longer. This had the effect of gathering up some of the knitting.


So, this is the (almost) end product. I want to put a button on the back neck to hold the collar in place as it rides up a bit. Also, I may put on an afterthought pocket if I have time. I am quite pleased with the end result and feel that I would now have the confidence to tackle another project. I also look at garments differently now, taking in their potential to be something different.

Want to have a go? Check out the cardiganise and replace cuff (used here to shorten the body) instructions for detailed step-by-step guidance, or take a look at other projects in the gallery for inspiration.

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